April 11, 2009

Palm Sunday and Good Friday

Palm Sunday: Last Sunday we were able to join in a procession which celebrates the coming of Christ into Jerusalem.

I became apart of the procession and was able to wear this honorary green thing... and that's the guy who I stood next to in the procession.

Then on that Friday (aka Good Friday), there was a procession of the cross. It was great to be there as they carried several crosses throughout the street as representations of the day that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified.


Sara said...

So I'm not even gonna lie, I've been blog stalking you for the past few months but haven't commented because you have no idea who I am. Lol but before you get too creeped out I'm Elyse's little sister and I found your link on her blog, so hopefully that makes it not so bad. I just wanted to say that I've LOVED your pictures from Jeru! I think there absolutely amazing. Especially the ones from this post! You do really great with light! Thanks for posting them :)

Jenn said...

That is so cool. Seriously. I thought of you on Easter and wondered what kind of cool things you would get to do there. I can't wait to hear all about everything! HURRY HOME....I MISS YOU!!!!!

Brittany and Dustin said...

UM MCKENZIE! Where have you been! I miss you so much! I've been trying to call you and have had no luck! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Kenzie! I love you and I'm so glad I found you! Looks like you are having fun! Hope to see you when you come back!

Jenn said...

McKenzie Moon London Fogg Elledge (your name just keeps getting longer and longer!!) I don't know if you still read this blog but I don't know how else to contact you. I can't find either of your sisters on Facebook and apparently you changed your number and didn't tell anyone. Whitney and I are trying to find you!! Call us, text us, email, or send a smoke signal. Something, anything!!!!
xoxo Miss Jenni