April 11, 2009

Palm Sunday and Good Friday

Palm Sunday: Last Sunday we were able to join in a procession which celebrates the coming of Christ into Jerusalem.

I became apart of the procession and was able to wear this honorary green thing... and that's the guy who I stood next to in the procession.

Then on that Friday (aka Good Friday), there was a procession of the cross. It was great to be there as they carried several crosses throughout the street as representations of the day that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified.

April 9, 2009

My Cousin.

Needs prayers and Fasts.


April 6, 2009

A million billion photos of Galilee

There are seriously so many pictures I want to post (I didn't even post half of them... which just explains how amazing this trip was) But I don't really want to do explainations for all of them. So I thought I would just post 'em and maybe add an explanation for a a couple of them. They are super out of order... hope you can get it in all the confusion.

I tried a zoom effect in this church. I was happy with it... but I need a little practice.

The first time Elyse saw a flower

One of the Oldest structures... it dated back to Abraham's time (I think)

Class in session

Fish Market. Not Happy

S'mores on the Sea of Galilee.

Class on the Sea of Galilee...

Rafting on the River Jordan

Armageddon. We are frightened.

Goodbye Galilee.