February 21, 2009

The Goliath...

The Slayings of Goliath... it was magical. and ridiculously hard. Seriously. If you have ever tried to slay 5 boxes stacked on top of each other... you know how hard it is to use that little sling and 5 smooth rocks (its hard enough finding 5 smooth rocks when 40 other students are scrounging for them...) I can't even imagine slaying an actual HUMAN with them... props to David... that's all I have to say.
Kara, Hedi, and Marianne... being preparing to slay the bad boy Goliath... Cate and I... we are pretty much awesome.
Slaying around Goliath is a lot harder than it sounds... just look at Matt.

or Ryan...

Matt finally go the hang of it... he was pretty awesome.
But Priscilla was still the best... yet she complained about having a sore arm later...

Nycole just dropped the stupid sling and resulted in a man to man combat... it was pretty sweet to watch Nycole take on the horrid Goliath.

Though when you really think about it... Goliath isn't really that bad looking...

February 16, 2009

3 Dances in Two Weeks. (plus a Freaky Friday)

So I am trying to fit so much into updates... and I miss so much... and it becomes really old... but oh well. Its all good (I'm sorry that I don't update everyday Jenn!!... You don't update everyday either!!)

But we have had a whole lot of dances... my room mates and I try to put on FlashDances (which are 15 minutes of pure joy and dancing) The first one we held in our room, and some of the boys were complaining that they weren't allowed to come... so we had the next one on the stage so they could come... As you can see by the stage... there were no boys. Suspiciously they were actually no where to be found in the whole JC Center...
So when we finally found them 15 min. later all coming down the stairs... we tried to investigate. Our tatics were strong and our flirting was high...
But the boys stayed strong and they would give us no information to what they were up to...

Then we had an Egypt Night... where we all were encouraged to wear what we bought in Egypt. I didn't really buy anything, so I asked Richelle to dress up with me and we became bathroom attendants/mummyfiers... We actually won "best costume" ... though not surprising.

Richelle and I on the Runway... we are awesome.

The Freaky Friday Dance... Friday the 13th.

I dressed up as a dead Indian...

Then in honor of Friday the 13th... some boys (with the help of Elyse) took us to a dark room and tried to scare us.

And the next day was VALENTINES DAY!! (I am not sure why that was in all CAPS because the 13th was WAY cooler than Valentines Day.)

February 15, 2009

Creepy and by Creepy I mean HIGHLY Attractive

Ok. Richelle honestly wrote a better story than I did (or will) though you may have to go back a couple of days to find it because it happened about a week ago (I told you I was behind on this thing...)

Well here is the story. A story of a poor old man who turned into more....

Lets get a good look at this young... i mean old... fellow.

How about a closer one... (though pictures won't EVER do his creepiness justice)

and here is a short story. So Richelle, Emilie, Christine and I went to the Canon store to get some ish. This fellow followed us in. We didn't really think about it... because there are a lot of strange fellows here. However we were in the store for quite a while, and the whole time this man was just staring intently at us (I am not making this up... even the canon employees noticed and reccomended that we get some gentlemen friends.) Though I guess the staring wasn't enough to get his message across. He had a bag full of paper, and furiously would try writing us notes. (Especially to Emilie) it was mostly about the usual stuff... bombing, murder, and something about the devil closing his mouth so he couldn't speak... nothing too out of the ordinary. He even asked (well wrote down) for Emilie to go in private with him (not sure why... though we think it might of been for a nice cup of coffee and a smoke since his teeth and beard were stained a beautiful yellow). The rest of us were jealous that this man kept giving Emilie so much intention (dangerous or not... it was attention from a man and we were in sore need of some) so we called some men to take us out. Security men count right? Well this old man who was infatuated with us was so disappointed that a couple of hunks (strong and intimidating are a few more adjectives that come to mind) came to pick us up that he followed us out of the store and continued to follow us with his puppy dog eyes (who's to say that the puppy dog wasn't a vicious german shepherd?) wishing that we would of gone with him to his humble cave/basement/dungeon. Though I might of gone with him... if I knew a brownie pastry would be waiting for me. (the security guys wouldn't stop for us.)

Richelle and I practicing being scared, and by scared I mean really attracted to this old man.

I am a pro at kick-boxing... it might of been as a form of defense against the old man... just in case he rejected the batting of my eyes.

Richelle prepared to swing if the man got too fresh... or not fresh enough.

Our knights in shining armour... I think we being the damsels in distress?

Da Biblical Zoo.

I have done SO much these past two weeks (since being home from EGYPT!!). So all these adventures are going to be a little old... but I can't skip over all of them so I am going to do my little highlights (will I ever be caught up?! It seems like I am always 2 weeks behind!) Though I will say one thing... I am not as good as my fellow JCites who write novels about their expirences. If you want words... please go to the right hand of the screen and click on one of those lovely names over there. (This is already getting too wordy for me) so..

(not just any zoo... THE BIBLICAL ZOO)
This seriously was such an awesome zoo! Here we (Nycole, Lauren, Elyse, Mariam, Me, and Richelle) are pretending we are peguins at the pool. They were so cute (yet not as cute as we were!!)

The most beautiful animal I have seen. I have never seen one this close and it acted like it was just posing for pictures. She must of been a movie star in her previous life. Seriously gorgeous. (No... I am not talking about me.)

Then there are some not so gorgeous animals at the zoo... not quite sure what it is exactly.

Like I said... pure animals. Its just so gracious of Money to share his food with this very hungry goat.

My beautiful Richelle. I think this was a snake we were supposed to be looking at? Maybe a lizard. I was more interesting in her though. Haha. She sure is a catch!

Noah's Ark. Right in the middle of the zoo. Rumor has it... this is the actual one. (Its possible!)

Young love in Noah's Ark. I'm thinking Ham and Egyptus?

February 9, 2009

Mt. Sinai

(I know its a lot of reading... but its semi-good. You should read it. )

I'm not going to lie (one because that was my goal for the week and two because I think its too awesome to lie about) Mt. Sinai was not worth the hike up... or so it seemed when I got to the very top and was freezing to the point that I could barely move or think straight.
The hike was very difficult for me (I don't know about everyone... I am just saying for me). We started the hike up the mountain about 2am, where it of course was freezing and dark (of course). It started out pretty decent and the stars against the mountain were beautiful. I could just imagine Abraham and Moses looking up at those stars and thinking about how the Lord promised that his posterity would fill the earth... yet then the hike started getting more intense and the incline increased immensely. Soon I was just praying that I could just take a few more steps, and then a few more than that. I seriously didn't know if I could make it and I got colder by the minute.
I finally got to the top, and watched the sun rise over the top. I will admit that it was a beautiful sunrise... but nothing too special. Everyone was snuggling to stay warm, but I was just ready to
go back down. Luckily the wonderful Tamara was about ready to go down, so I walked down with her. I still wasn't sure that it was worth it till about 1/3 of the way down, when I looked up and saw what I had accomplished. The road was hard and rocky on the way up. I couldn't see where I was going and I had to trust in the little light that I had. Even now I don't know how I got up (I honestly think that God was helping me up). Yet then I traveled down in the light and saw what I had accomplished and it became worth it to me. I think that's how the Lord works in our life. He helps us up rocky roads, where we aren't really sure where we are going and when we are going to reach our final destination, but soon when we reach the peak... we began to see the light and we see what the Lord had in store for us and what he wanted us to learn. We really just have to lean and trust in the Lord to get us over that mountain. I now am very glad that I was able to accomplish that hike and see the light. It was worth it... as all trials are.

Right before the dawn was breaking. One of the worst parts because it was cold and the darkest, but then the sun broke and we were able to see what I accomplished.
Some people as they started going down (not my photo)

I know it doesn't look that high from the picture... but trust me. Its high and steep.

The view as we started walking down.

Looking into the rising sun.

Tamara really gave me some great insight on the way down. I was so grateful that just her and I could go down the mountain together and just talk. I have learned so much from her already. I hope she knows what a powerful aura she has surrounding her.

Priscilla joining us... she walks a little faster than we do apparently. I was amazed at her strength to climb up that mountain and her being so sick. I had trouble and I was perfectly healthy... the people who completed that being sick deserve an award.

If there is one thing I regret... its that I didn't take a picture with my new hero Suzy Wilson at the top (or anywhere close to Sinai for that matter). She was seriously the one who got me up to the top. She was pushing me along and waiting for me when I needed to take a rest... and she was also one of the sick ones. I call her hero everytime I see her (I hope that doesn't annoy her...) because she truly is. I love that girl. (she might be an angel)

Well thats all for now.... I think Egypt is done... It was seriously such a good trip. I can't wait to save up some more money and go back there. I fell in love with that beautiful place.

February 8, 2009

Boats Camels and Carriages

We were probably the most spoiled kids when it came to Egypt. I can't believe all the awesome stuff that we were able to do. I was fine just looking at pyramids and shriveled mummies... but of course we got to do more amazing things than I thought possible.
For one... we got a sweet Hotel. It was called the Sheraton, and it was super nice. And the waiters were overly nice (it almost got a little tiresome) I felt like I was waited on hand and foot and I am deffinitly NOT used to that. Though it was tempting to eat the fruit that they had laying out... but we were warned against their fruit and water... so I resited. I just settled for the other 5 entree choices they had laying around... tough huh?

We took this very boat (you can see our hotel... the orange-ish one in the background) and sailed down the Nile River. I couldn't believe that my hotel was right on the Nile and I was actually sailing on it!!
Priscilla lookin' oh-so-fine on the little sail boat with her friends.

Then the sail-boat dropped us off on the other side of the bank where we got to ride...
Me on my beautiful camel... just strollin' down the Nile banks.Shelby loved my Camel... its because his name was Casanova... it was a pretty sweet-talkin' camel.
My camel (Casanova) and my guide (Muhamed)... he kept trying to hold my hand.

Then we got to take a carriage back to our hotel... it was pretty sweet

My fellow carriage riders... Matt, Miriam and Cate. We were the best group ever. (Though our driver thought that our bills were too wrinkled and tried to convince Matt to give him crisp ones... which is what is going on below)
The driver angry at wrinkled bills... I think they had one fold in them from being folded in half and in our pockets.

So I really can't complain about that day... it was pretty sweet. Well actually it was more than sweet. It was WONDERFUL!! But seriously... which day hasn't been wonderful here?! Its hard to think of one. (Well after we got all those orientation days over with)